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Water Damage Walnut Creek

Water Damage Restoration & Mold Removal Services in Walnut Creek, CA


We are a Walnut Creek, California based expert water damage service and mold removal company. We offer our professional assistance to both commercial and residential customers, representing the fact that water and mold know no bounds! Our team is comprised of experienced, trained and knowledgeable technicians who are fully qualified and insured to undertake these specialist services.

Have you noticed the smell or suggested appearance of mold and mildew in your home or office in Walnut Creek? This is probably due to damp or high moisture and means you need our specialist Mold Removal Services.

Perhaps you have experienced a flood, had a fire, or your property has suffered water damage due to adverse weather? If so, our Water Damage Repair technicians are on hand to assist.


Water Damage Repair Services

Our Water Damage services include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Repair
  • Water in Basement
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Water Extraction
  • Water Removal

Water damage in itself wreaks havoc, but just as much harm can be caused by inefficient cleanup and unprofessional remediation attempts. Only trust a professional team of Water Damage Technicians come and extract excess water. Do this as soon as possible to minimize further damage and control and repair affected areas. We can come to the scene and utilize the most effective water removal, flood damage restoration and cleaning apparatus to salvage your water damage emergency ASAP.

Mold Removal Services

Our mold removal and cleaning services are crucial to Walnut Creek homeowners and business owners, as the regions high humidity is the perfect breeding ground for mold. This mold is dangerous to your health and the structural welfare of your property, so you need our technicians to come and provide:

  • Mold Inspection
  • Black Mold Removal
  • Mold Cleanup
  • Mold and Mildew Remediation
  • Mold Remediation


Our methods of mold inspection and assessment allow our technicians to diagnose the species of mold that is present. This is necessary in order to apply the correct treatment to ensure its complete and thorough removal. At your request, our technicians can also advise on mould prevention and moisture control measures.

Call now for a free estimate and quick response to your water damage or mold emergency.