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Walnut Creek Mold Removal & Mold Remediation

Mold is a type of fungus that releases invisible spores into the air in your home and workplace. It multiplies rapidly in damp, warm conditions with high humidity and poor ventilation, holding on to the surfaces of your home or office and rapidly spreading green or black unsightly ‘fuzz’ which is fugal growth.

What can happen if I don’t deal with mold quickly?

Mold is often referred to as the silent killer. As many types are toxic and bad for health, it can be decimating your property as well as causing health problems to you, your family or your workers. The professional recommendation as soon as you notice a minor mold or mildew growth is to call a reputable and certified mold removal specialist company such as us to assess and treat as necessary before it worsens.

What is black mold?

Black mold is the most virulent and damaging of the mold family. It has a distinctive smell and appearance, like a dark green or black furry coating. It is very dangerous when inhaled and can cause serious respiratory problems. Mold removal & mildew remediation is a serious health & safety emergency matter that needs professional intervention. Do not attempt to treat or remove mold yourself. It is not something that can be successfully done to completion without the assistance and consultation of our team.

How can you help with mold removal?

We offer a total attack on mold, black mold and mildew. Our process is thorough and our staff fully trained, certified and experienced with this procedure. First will be the diagnosis and inspection, the most important stage during which our technicians will know what treatment plan to use according to the type of mold they detect. Then the area will be completely treated with a professional”‘moldicide” formula that will kill all active traces of the fungus. The next step is to remove all remnants of the denatured mold and its growth with a cleaning regime. Congratulations – you are now mold free and with careful implementation of mold prevention techniques, you will remain that way.