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Water Damage Walnut Creek

What our customers think about our services…

“The neighbor in the apartment above ours left the tub running last weekend, which resulted in something like Niagara Falls pouring into our kitchen. Water was in our carpets, furniture, all over the walls, and the ceiling was looking dangerously shaky. We called your number in Walnut Creek immediately for their help in water damage removal. The technicians arrived in a timely fashion and got straight to work on pumping out the stagnant water and thoroughly drying out the apartment. They were even able to recommend a very reasonably priced contractor to work on the ceiling, above. I was left with a reasonable bill and all of the correct paperwork for the insurance company. Thank you!”  Bill & Maggie Mead

“I had noticed this strange fuzzy patch on the ceiling above the shower cubicle in the guest bathroom for a couple of months and wiped it away each time. But that small patch soon grew to an unsightly big blob of green and black and smelled terrible.  I didn’t want to take any chances with my family’s health, so I called you for a mold inspection.Your team came over and tested the fungus, which confirmed the presence of a hazardous strain of toxic mold. The team of mold technicians was incredible at treating and removing the mold, which has now gone; hopefully for good.” Louise Bennett

“After the freak storms in the winter, our house in Walnut Creek had just about all it could take. We’d thought we had done a good job of removing the flood water and rain water that had come in through our leaky roof, until we were cleaning out the basement….which was full of water! We called you and got your water damage removal specialists on the case. Professional, thorough and reasonably priced. Highly recommended!” Dan McCormick

“The ensuite bathroom in our house had a few leaks, which were causing problems with the bedroom wall. I noticed mold on clothing and had the sense to call your office for a mold inspection asap. Thankfully, it was mold and mildew in the early stages, and they took care of it. We got a contractor to work on the leaky bathroom and have been mold-free for two months now.” Ron Abraham