Everyone with an attic knows it’s a place seldom visited. Because of that solitude, it’s a perfect place for trouble to begin. One can’t speak of attic trouble without mentioning water damage in attics.

How does water damage happen in attics?

Such problems can ensue from several causes. As house systems and infrastructure grow old they tend to give way to greater forces. Some of these pipelines, plumage, and infrastructure may be located in your attic, and once they’re corroded they start leaking. What starts as a feeble dribble, soon grows into a trickle, which in turn can cause serious damage. Leaking roofs can also create the same problem as water will slowly leak through them and turn your attic into its home.

Why is water damage in attics dangerous?

Even though water is the essence of life, it can be quite a destructive force. Prolonged water damage in attics can cause several problems:

Malodor: the presence of still water usually creates unpleasant odors. These can be subtle and barely noticeable or can escalate into a barely tolerable stench.

Structure integrity: water damages can pose a serious collapse threat. Water weakens the floorboards and can cause stored boxes to fall straight through taking some of the floors with them.

I’ve noticed water damage in my attic – what should I do?

Should you notice any signs of water damages in your attic, immediately contact a professional service provider to resolve the situation. Procrastination is not advisable in such matters and prompt action should be taken.

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