Water Damage Tri Valley Pros

So, the water ran. It ran through the ceiling down your walls, over your carpet, it puddled and soaked, and you just discovered it as you splashed into your basement. Flooding is one of those homeowner nightmares that too many homeowners fail to prepare for until it’s really too late. But of course, even with a crisis like this on your hands, you’re going to consider DIYing your way out of this mess. So here’s a word of caution to you before you get your ambitious pants on and tackle your house flood on your own: DON’T TRY IT WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL HELP! We’ve seen too many homes take on permanent damage because homeowners have attempted self-restoration after a house flood. If you want to see your home restored to its pre-flood condition, then it’s important that you call for professionally certified water damage experts like our team at Tri Valley Pros.

Why Professionals

So now you’re challenging us with those online DIY articles you read, saying you can do anything. And while we want to encourage you, there are certain things that professionals with water damage certification in Walnut Creek will bring to your aid that others cannot, let alone going it on your own. As experts with certification in water damage, we have been certified by the IICRC to provide complete remediation of a home after flooding. We have high-grade commercial tools such as pumps, vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers that help us to extract all the water and then eliminate any residual moisture. Professionals understand the speed required if a home is to be restored completely to pre-flood condition as well as the priorities and procedures that must be followed. Additionally, our technicians have the training and knowledge to identify any potential mold threats and moisture sources. We will contain the damage, decontaminate your home, and help you get everything back in order.

Call Tri Valley Pros

There is a lot that our experience and training has taught us so that we can be the best resource possible for you. When you find yourself in a flood, don’t hesitate; pick up the phone and call for the certified professionals who will come and work along side you to fight back the flood waters and make your damaged house a cozy home again.