After flooding it is essential that professionals assist in clean up and remediation for the safety and health of residents
One of the worst catastrophes that strikes homes in Walnut Creek on a regular basis is flooding. Basement flooding or sewage overflowing happens very often and brings with it many overwhelming responsibilities that need urgent attention. For homeowners who attempt to DIY their restoration, flooding can pose many problems. All too often true remediation is not achieved, and later toxic black mold can grow and infest the home. Water damage safety and health in Walnut Creek is very important and the main concern of our team here at Tri Valley Pros. Never settle for less than the best so you can receive the care you and your family deserve.

Procedures That Ensure Safety and Health

One of the problems that comes with self-restoration is the inability to properly ventilate and remove all moisture after a flood. Floods that leave standing water begin nearly immediately to saturate all the furnishings in the room. The walls, carpets, padding, drywall and all other materials are then contaminated and if not completely dried-out black mold can begin to grow and is incredibly difficult to remove. As professionals, our team will bring in vacuums and pumps that are highly powerful and can remove all standing water. After the pumps have finished their work we’ll strategically place dehumidifiers and fans that will continue the work of drying. We’ll continue our inspections of the space until our moisture sensors say your room is completely dry.

A second procedure that we conduct is our full inspection of the flooded space after the waters have been removed. This procedure will determine any area that has been damaged by the water. Often drywall is turned to sponge by the floodwaters and is not structurally sound. We will carefully remove damaged drywall and then replace it and restore your home to it’s pre-flood condition and integrity. Additionally, we will inspect for areas prone to contamination and toxic black mold infestation.

A final word on safety from floods: if you are the victim of a sewage flood never attempt to restore your home on your own as contamination of germ and disease can threaten untrained and protected professionals. Our team ALWAYS uses the right protective gear, equipment and commercial strength cleaners. If you need help with flood restoration trust Tri Valley Pros to provide Walnut Creek water damage safety and health.