What you should do after the flood

Discovering your property is flooded is scary. Few of us ever expect such a thing to happen. Even fewer of us know what to do when it actually does happen. To make things a little easier and a little less scary, Tri Valley Pros has compiled a quick outline of the actions you should take after you discover your property has been flooded.

How severe is the flood

Before we continue, it’s important to point out that the severity of a flood will determine what you should do first. If the flood is severe and there is a large volume of water lying in your home, you need to get out fast and contact the authorities. If the flooding is minor or limited to sodden carpets, you should proceed as follows.

Shut off the power

Before you do anything else, shut off the electricity, gas and water to your property. If you’re unable to shut off all of these, evacuate the house and call a professional.

Access the damage

With the power off, briefly assess the damage. Is the ceiling bowing? Is there still water leaking? Are there any potential hazards that will cause future problems? You don’t need to be too thorough – just gather enough information to pass on to the water damage specialist.

Call a water damage restoration specialist

Contact a water damage restoration specialist – by phone – who will be able to assist with further inspection.

Undertake further inspection (if possible)

If it’s safe to explore your property, carry out a further inspection. Again look for hazards and the source of the flood, as well as any ways in which you’ll be able to limit damage.

Move items at risk of damage (if possible)

If possible, transfer any loose furniture, ornaments, dry appliances, heirlooms or any other possessions that can be safely removed from the flood-damaged room and place them somewhere safe. Use rubber gloves if there is dirty water around and continually wash your hands with antibacterial hand-wash as you do. Do not throw damaged items away. These should be stored carefully and be shown to your insurance company representative.

Contact your insurance company

Inform your insurance company of the flood and ask how to proceed. They will need to send a loss adjuster to inspect and will likely green light you using a water damage restoration specialist to tackle the flood.

Tri Valley Pros specializes in restoring water damaged properties in and around Walnut Creek, California, and the local region. If your home is flooded, call us straight away and we’ll begin the process of restoring your property.